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The Company Has Since Climbed Up The Growth Ladder And Today Prides In Its Leadership Position In The Suppliers Of High Quality Inkjet Colors. Today, Company Has Enhanced In Its Suppliers Capacity To Expand Its Further Operation. The Company Is Also Looking For A Potential Collaboration To Globalize Its Products Through And Appropriate Efforts Such As Joint Venture, Technology Transfer, Marketing Of The Products As A Selling Agent Or Any Other Mutual Arrangement. While Our Company Has Achieved Spectacular In All Areas, Our Commitment To Our Customers And Our Corporate Values Reflecting Our Concern For Quality, Customer Satisfaction And Environment Protection Will Remain Foremost In All Our Endeavor.


Dura Colour. Envisions A Prominent Place For Itself In The Suppliers Of Acid, Direct & Reactive Dyes. We Are Strengthening Our Resources Qualitatively And Quantitatively To Match International And Add The Momentum And Flexibility Of A Technologically To Meet The Growing Challenges Of The Global Market Place.

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